“We have been with TwentyFourSeven Realty for more than 10 years. During that time, we have found Adam and his team to be very helpful in all our needs to do with our investment property. From general maintenance matters, to replacing worn out appliances, to house repainting requirements, to carpet replacement. The service provided by them has been exemplary. The tenant selection process has also been very good. Adam and his team know our requirements and have continued to present good longer term residents.


We are always, advised of any major issue that requires attention and under our instruction those matters are attended to promptly. We say major issues because we want Adam and his team to manager our property and not bother us with unnecessary phone calls about minor problems. After all, we find out about the minor repairs as part of the monthly statements we receive. We want TwentyFourSeven Realty to manage our property not the phone calls about what we consider to be “trivial” matters. We have found this to be a telling factor in how our property is managed and how it presents when we visit and when new tenants apply. The regular condition and rent review reports also keep us informed about our property. Most importantly the rent is always paid on time as Adam has a no nonsense/ no excuse policy with our tenants. We look after our tenants and therefore we have an expectancy for them to look after us by paying their rent on time. This is the message that TwentyFourSeven gets across to the tenants and, let me tell you, this works.


We can say everything we have said because we live in Sydney and find that whenever we inspect our property, perhaps once every 2 years, the premises has always looked good. I can’t recommend TwentyFourSeven highly enough. Thank you Adam and team.


"Uwe and Dallas Bendt”