Info For Tenants - Important Tenancy Information


  1. Office Hours, Enquiries and Advice

If you require any information or advice regarding your tenancy, please contact our office.

Our preferred method of contact is via e-mail; however, we can also be contacted via post, fax or telephone. Wherever possible, requests and enquiries should be submitted in writing.

Please also be aware that your Property Manager spends a large portion of their working day away from the office. If you wish to meet with any of the Property Management Team, it will be necessary to make an appointment to do so.

Office Hours: Mon to Fri 9.00am to 5:00pm


  1. RTA Law

Residential tenancies are a highly legislated area of real estate and are governed by the Residential Tenancies Act. You will have been provided with a copy of your Tenancy Agreement, Entry Condition Report and the information pack containing the RTA booklet (Form 17a). We urge you to take the time to read them as they contain information about your legal rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Your Entry Condition Report is one of the most valuable documents provided and it is imperative that this is completed and returned within three days of the commencement of your tenancy.  Your Entry Condition Report will be used at your final inspection and assists with any future Bond disputes.

  1. Rental Payments

Automated Periodic Payment; an automatic rent transfer from your financial institution or employer, or via your internet banking facility. Our office will provide banking details upon request.

EFTPOS available in office only “No over the phone transaction available “

Please note that our office cannot accept rent payments in CASH.

You are also required to pay your rent 2 weeks in advance in accordance with your Residential Tenancy Agreement.

Failure to pay your rent may result in your tenancy being terminated in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act and may also result in your details being listed on one or more tenancy history databases.

If at any time you are unable to make a rental payment on or before the due date, please notify our office immediately.



  1. Repairs and Maintenance

Repair requests must be submitted via the Console Tenant app via maintenance. Please provide a detailed description of the repair item along with photos and try to be flexible with access arrangements for tradespeople.

Only ‘Urgent Repair’ requests may be submitted via telephone on (07) 3800 2407.  Urgent repairs include the following items:

  • A burst water service.
  • An appliance, fitting or fixture that uses water or is used to supply water that is broken or not functioning properly, so that a substantial amount of water is wasted.
  • A blocked or broken toilet; (only one toilet in house)
  • A serious roof leaks.
  • A gas leaks.
  • A dangerous electrical fault.
  • Flooding or serious flood damage.
  • Serious storm or fire damage.
  • A failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity, or water supply to the premises.
  • A failure or breakdown of any essential service on the premises for hot water, cooking, heating, cooling.
  • Any fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or not secure.

Please refer to Clause 30 of your Tenancy Agreement for further information about ‘Emergency Repairs’.

Whilst we will endeavour to action your repair as quickly as possible, it is often necessary to obtain the Landlords approval and/or quotes before any work can commence, so unfortunately a time lag is sometimes unavoidable.

Once approval has been granted, you will be contacted directly by the tradesperson to arrange a suitable time to carry out the repair. Alternatively, you may wish to give the tradesperson permission to access your property using the keys held by our office.





After Hours Emergency Maintenance Calls Only

PLEASE NOTE: If you call a tradesman after hours for an emergency call out and it is deemed not to be an emergency the invoice will be issued to you.  

Urban Data & Electrical   - Scott 0455 880 095

Phased Electrical - Jack 0422 220 470

Tarck Plumbing -  Mick 0417 605 284

Flow On Services -   Drew 0478 112 838


  1. Tenant Repair Tips

Before proceeding with logging your Repair Request, please have a look at the Repair Tips below first, to avoid any unnecessary call outs.

No power

Have you contacted your electricity supplier? There may be a fault in the street.

If renting a unit/apartment – Have you checked with a neighbour? If in a block of Strata Title apartments, it may be the Owners Corporation that needs to be contacted for action.

Have you checked your fuse box? There may have been an overload and the safety switch has been activated and needs resetting.

Have you checked that one of your appliances is not faulty? Unplug all appliances in the house. Reset the safety switch in the meter box. Plug in the fridge and turn on the power point, check the safety switch. If the safety switch clicks off, then you know that there is a fault with the fridge and you will need to get it repaired.

Otherwise disconnect the fridge and plug in the stereo and continue checking all appliances until the faulty appliance is located. If our electrician attends to your repair request and finds the fault is with one of your appliances, then you will be charged for the service fee.

No hot water

Is it Gas or Electric?

Have you arranged for the connection of your Gas or Electricity?

If it is an Electric Hot Water System – Have you checked to see if your hot water system needs refilling/topping up? There is normally a copper valve on electric hot water systems and an overflow pipe. Pull up this lever until a flow of water starts coming out of the overflow pipe. This quite commonly needs to be carried out every six months or so.

Have you checked the fuse in the meter box? Has someone turned off the fuse by mistake?

Have you checked that the water taps on the hot water system itself is turned on?

If it is a Gas Hot Water System – Have you checked to see if your pilot light has gone out? Some gas hot water systems can be easily relit – others may require a tradesperson.

Lights are not working, or power points are not working

Have you checked your fuse box? If there has been an overload the safety switch may need resetting.

Have you replaced the light bulb?

Stove element is not working

Have you checked the connections to make sure they are not lose or dirty?

Is the stove turned on at the isolation switch? There is often a switch on the wall near the stove that must be turned on.

Is the clock on the stove/oven set? Many stoves will not operate if it has not been set. Set the clock before trying again.

Garbage disposal is not working

Is it turned on at the switch underneath the sink?

Have you attempted to reset the safety switch? This is normally a little red or black button underneath the bottom of the garbage disposal unit. You may have to get on your hands and knees to find the switch. This switch can be activated by an overload and simply needs to be reset.

Is there a blockage in the sink/blades? IMPORTANT – Before putting hands down the sink to check for blockages – make sure unit is turned off at the wall and unplugged.

Kitchen/bathroom sink is blocked

Have you tried using some Draino to try and free the blockage?

Have you tried pouring boiling water down the sink to free up old soap & hair?

Have you removed old food from the kitchen waste & poured boiling water down the drain? Do not put fat and oil into the drain as these will clog up the pipes.

  1. Keys

A duplicate key to all properties is retained by our office for emergency access. Under special circumstances, and on producing photo identification, the keys can be borrowed during office hours but must be returned within 24 hours. We require a deposit of $50.00, which is refunded to you on return of the keys.

Please note: This service is not available out of office hours or on public holidays.

It is therefore advisable that you make arrangements regarding the location of a spare key should you inadvertently lock yourself out. Otherwise, it will be your responsibility to contact a locksmith to arrange access.

Locksmith Details:

Armour Lock -  David 0401 310 505

  1. Insurance

For your own protection, we suggest that you take out your own Personal Contents Insurance Policy to cover your personal effects and furniture against any loss, damage, or theft.

  1. Inspections

The purpose of inspections is to advise the landlord of the condition of their property and how it is being maintained. You are however requested to advise our office of any repairs or maintenance you feel is needed as soon as possible throughout the tenancy. Self-Inspections will also be requested from time to time.

Entry notices will be issued prior to your inspection followed up by a sms reminder. If you are not home that is not a problem, we will use a set of keys from the office to gain access. Please make sure all animals are locked away to allow stress free access. Inspections are scheduled and can not be changed, so if you are not available, sick or prefer we don’t enter without you home you will be requested to carry out a self-inspection within 3 days of the scheduled inspection. We will carry out 4 inspections a year.

  1. Final Inspection

Final inspections are conducted at the end of the lease term or upon vacating.  The final inspection report is closely checked with the condition report completed during the initial inspection to ensure that there has been no damage (beyond normal wear and tear) and that no fixtures have been removed (e.g. light fittings). Once the final inspection has been completed, we will contact you should we require additional cleaning, repairs etc to be carried out. This will need to be completed within 3 days. NO BOND REFUNDS will be done until all issues, if any have been finalised at the property.

  1. Utilities Connection (Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Broadband, Pay TV)

It is each tenant’s responsibility to have the appropriate account placed in their names and to arrange for connection and disconnection.

We provide a free utilities connection service via Move Me In which provides quick and easy connection with your choice of service providers. Please contact our office if you would like to take advantage of the Move Me In   service.

  1. Rental Bond

Your rental bond will be lodged with the RTA (Residential Tenancies Authority). The bond is held as security against any damage or undue wear and tear.

The bond will be refunded promptly after you vacate, provided the property is left in as close as possible the same condition as when the Residential Tenancy Agreement commenced (allowing for fair wear and tear) and there are no monies owing. NO BOND REFUNDS will be done until all issues, if any have been finalised at the property.

  1. Break Lease or Vacating the Property

If you wish to give notice to vacate, you must do so in writing.

The Residential Tenancy Agreement can be terminated in the following ways:

  1. a)    Fixed term period of the agreement is due to run out, you must give a minimum of 14 days written notice to end the tenancy. The landlord must give you a minimum of 60 days written notice.
  2. b)    Periodic lease you must give a minimum of 14 days written notice to end the tenancy.
  3. c) Break Lease - you must give notice that you are breaking lease, you will be required to sign break lease documents and pay the cost of advertising and break lease fee. As per your tenancy agreement you will be required to continue to pay the rent on the property until a new tenancy has been secured.

Please refer to your copy of the RTA ‘Renting A House or Unit in Qld’ (Form 17a) for further information.

It is your responsibility to leave the premises as near as possible in the same condition, fair wear and tear excepted, as set out in the original condition report.

Please also note that the rent will be due and payable until all necessary cleaning and repairs have been completed and all keys have been returned.



Mikulic  Cleaning  -  Elaine 0416 040 556

Kaussie Cleaning  - 0460 716 611

Dirty Ducks  - 0424 406 404

Komplete Klean  - 0421 215 575


Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control

Gormans Carpet & Pest  - Max 0411 420 365

Your Local Termite & Pest  -  07 3458 9122

Rapid Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control  -  07 3821 3015


Blind Cleaning & Repairs

Fix my Blinds   -  Jeff  0416 080 348